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Town lobbyist protects 长艇 Key interests at state level

David 兰巴 focuses 上 issues like beach re-nourishment 和 short-term vacation rentals.
by: 斯滕·斯皮内拉 职员作家

If the town of 长艇 Key needs its interests protected at a state government level, it leans 上 David 兰巴.

兰巴 is 长艇’的游说者,这意味着他在塔拉哈西(Tallahassee)跟踪该镇发现无价或不利的账单。如果无价之宝,他’尝试推动它前进; if unfavorable, he’请尝试减慢其进度。

“在立法会议期间,我的角色确实是塔拉哈西镇上的声音,” 兰巴 said. “我会见镇检察官Maggie [Mooney]。我打电话给她说‘How’这个工作吗?镇上有什么东西吗?’如果她这样做,那么我们将开始跟踪它并确保它不会’影响我们。如果没有’t,我把它放在列表上,在我的跟踪系统中给自己做个记录,说‘Longboat’s fine with this.’”

The town is 上 e of 兰巴’的多个客户。他's 到该镇已近10年了。他’s been through three city managers. And even though 长艇 is not a “profit center”正如他所说,对他来说,他爱 代表这个小镇’s a great place.

长艇 Key Finance Director Sue Smith said the town pays 兰巴 $225 an hour. He was paid $7,267 in 2018, 和 for 2019 to date he's been paid $8,142. 

Last quarter, 兰巴 Consulting Group made $570,000, 根据立法高管薪酬报告.

长艇 isn’t as active as other municipalities in dealing with statewide issues, in part because it 没有’t have to be. 兰巴 recognizes the financial stability of 长艇 means the town does not ask for money from the state as often as its counterparts.

He compared his effort to attain $3-plus million in appropriations for Bradenton Beach to his work for 长艇.

“Longboat Key usually 没有'除了海滩补养型的钱以外,不需要很多拨款,” 兰巴 said. “They'是一个体面富裕的社区,所以他们're not really asking for a handout for parks or things like that from the state. 他们 want to do something, they can usually just buy it.”

David 兰巴

Insofar as 长艇's financial stability, 兰巴’s对:它通常排在州首位附近'根据美国人口普查数据和其他来源,就居民而言,美国是最富裕的国家。

但是小镇’s wealth isn’t the 上 ly factor guiding its state legislative priorities. 兰巴 said the town is “reasonable”它的目标 doesn’t get mixed up in “fringe issues,” such as banning plastic straws. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, being Senate President 没有’t hinder the town’的目标。他所在的地区是21号,涵盖了海牛县。

“He’非常回应我们对某些问题的关注,” 兰巴 said.

该镇的中心问题是一个县的问题,Longboat已经提出了一段时间。 兰巴认为,将Longboat放入一个县而不是在Manatee和Sarasota之间分配是Galvano想要的遗产。他甚至提供了一些解决方案来安抚海牛’s concerns – “There’在莱克伍德牧场(Lakewood Ranch)的一些土地上,您可以进行交易以减轻对海牛县的财务影响,” he said. 那里’s also “逐步影响税收。”


兰巴’s more tangible work for 长艇 is rooted in beach re-nourishment, short-term vacation rentals 和, more recently, underground utilities. While beach re-nourishment 和 short-term rentals are yearly issues for 兰巴 to stay abreast of, underground utilities cropped up when a statewide law that could bring an increased amount of underground power lines was signed into law in July.

The problem was, 长艇 residents had already written or will 上 e day write checks to pay for the town’的项目,但是国家的努力将出现在他们的水电费账单上。幸运的是,Vickie Brill’s father, Jack Brill, lives 上 长艇 Key. Vickie is an aide to Sen. Joe Gruters, R-Sarasota, 和 Jack is the acting chairman for the Republican Party of 萨拉索塔.

“She’s like, ‘嘿,我父亲已经为此签了一张支票,’” 兰巴 said. ‘“我们只是付钱做这一切,而您’要评估我们吗?’她有一天打电话给我,说:‘What happens to everybody 上 长艇 Key? It’在您的水电费账单上,但是您 already paid for it.’”

So 兰巴 set up a meeting with Town Manager Tom Harmer, Mooney, Gruters 和 Florida Power 和 Light with the intent of avoiding a double tax 上 长艇ers. It was extra unfair, 兰巴 said, since the town had taken a leading effort in burying its utilities underground.

“他们制定了一些与城镇一致的意见,” 兰巴 said. “有一位助手的父亲大声抱怨这件事是一个关于事情如何融合的独特故事。”

兰巴 stopped by 长艇’s Sept. 9 Town Commission meeting 和 discussed the undergrounding story at length. He travels a lot for his job, flying four or five times a week. And while 长艇 isn’t necessarily a pot of gold for 兰巴, the two entities have a solid 和 steady working relationship.

“Our job is to inform delegation members 和 work them over 上 issues that impact 长艇 和 have them vote the way we need them to vote when they impact their hometown folks,” 兰巴 said.

斯滕·斯皮内拉 is a Town Hall Reporter for the 长艇 Observer. He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Connecticut 和 his master's degree from the University of Missouri.